Q: Does my fiancé have any rights to our daughter?:

If my fiancé and I break up, in the state of Nevada, does he have any father rights since we are not married?

A: Melvin’s answer: If he is the father and has signed the acknowledgment of paternity or is known to be the father; he has equal rights to you. He is entitled by law to equal time and access to the child. Please review NRS 125C, primarily the first section of statutes.

Q: What are my chances of getting 50/50 custody of my 12 month old son?:

I have filed for 50/50 custody for my son that I met when he was 12 months after i got a paternity test and now paying child support. his mother did not let me see him until he was 1 year old. I wasn't there when he was born. She did ask for child support I asked for paternity test and he is mine. I am asking for 50/50 custody After the results of the paternity test came back that he is mine. I have been doing visitation with my son 2 days a week for 9 hours each day. So he can get used to me and he has gotten used to me his new baby brother my fiancé and my step son. That is all she is giving me for the moment until our court date.

A: Melvin’s answer: The law was changed in 2015 to make joint physical custody the presumption in Nevada. I would think your chances are good...

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